Double sided tissue tape with acrylic solvent, acrylic water, and hot melt adhesive for various applications.


Excellent adhesion, temperature resistance, well bonding to various kinds of packing materials, especially; PVC, PE, ABS, and camber surfaces.


  • Household usage Electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, construction,
  • Clothing, furniture, daily use accessories, stationery, office, fill the crack, adornment, etc….
  • Automobiles interior materials & car mark adhesive.
  • General Industrial Usage, including Medical industries, advertisements, shoes, garments, leather, computer embroidery, carpet jointing, sealing, protecting and book-mending, etc…

Universal-Unipack’s Masking Tape:

  • Offers a full-featured tape.
  • Wide range of sizes & colors.
  • Fast production process.
  • Accurate delivery time.